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This is an authentic Gold Titanic medal awarded to a member of the crew of the Carpathia. The box is original, the weight is shown both with and without ribbon 16.5 g and an XRF of the metal content shows it to be 17.5K gold and stamped 14K gold. There is no name inscribed on the ribbon. Names were inscribed on the day of the passing out ceremony by someone on site to the crew that were present. Crew memebers not at the ceremony were mailed their ribbons. The person who I purchased this medal from is a direct decendent of family who lived in County Cork Ireland where the Titanic was built. I do not have the name of the crew memeber who this was awarded to. I do have a partial list of names the gold medals were awarded to, but no actual list of receipients exists to my knowledge. There are cew lists but no way to know who was actually given what type of medal. While there were 320 crew members aboard Carpathia during the Titanic rescue, only 250 were present to accept their medals. The remaining 70 medals were mailed. There are 2-4 ribbons not accounted for and 10-12 that are documeted. I believe this to be one of the 2-4 missing.


1. Capt. Rostron– Suspected to still be in the family.                                                                                        

2. Chief Engineer Alexander Johnstone  - nothing known what happened to his medal.

3. First Class Surgeon Dr. Frank E. McGee  - nothing known what happened to his medal.

4.  Ernest. G. F. Brown, R. N. R., purser -Engraved/sold by Bourne end auction. £45,000/$62,186 (converted currency rate at the time of the purchase) plus 20% buyer’s premium.

5. Chief Steward Evan Henry Hughes -  An engraved inscription on the reverse reads as follows: PRESENTED TO/ MR. E. HY. HUGHES/ R.M.S. CARPATHIA/ BY THE/ RESCUED "SURVIVORS OF THE ILLFATED "TITANIC" ' LOST/ 14 APRIL/1912.. Stamped 14k mark at bottom. The medal has been polished and an earlier mount removed from the back (without disturbing the inscription.)

This medal first appeared at auction in Sotheby's London Sale of July 7, 1998, Lot #99, where it brought 8050 pounds including buyer's fee

6. Second Engineer Marshall -  nothing known what happened to his medal.

7. Rath, Gustav J.M., 5th  - (Sold by Sotheby's New York, 29 July 1997 $55,000)

8. First officer Horace John Dean - Name on Medal

(no source for the Name on the Medal,  sold in an Auction and there is no Box.

Andrew Aldridge auction house)

9. Second Officer James Bisset -Name on Medal- he later became Commodore of the Cunard line and the author of several books. £41,000 ($62,186) plus 20% commission at Titanic specialist saleroom Henry Aldridge in 2012

-pic of it is in 'Tramps and Ladies' (one volume of his biography)

10. Chief Officer -Thomas William Hankinson- Name on Medal

12. 4th Officer- Geoffrey Barnish - name engraved on medal. owned by the family.                           

Gold Titanic Carpathia medal

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