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Gold and Silver coin Parties – Hosts earn 5%


How Much Can Guests Make By
Selling Their Coins?

This is a great time for you and your guests to make serious money selling gold and silver jewelry or coins! Gold is over $1,500 per ounce and silver is over $27 an ounce, the highest it has been in history! Selling gold and silver has reached a feverish pitch, and we recommend taking advantage of the opportunity before prices fall.

The Perfect Charity Event

Looking to raise money for your favorite charity? Let us help! Each year, Premiere Gold Parties raises tens of thousands of dollars for local and national charities through our gold jewelry buying party program!

  • Elementary, Middle & High Schools

  • Churches & Synagogues

  • Sports Teams, Associations, Clubs

  • Youth Groups

  • Corporations, and More!

Our  Gold and Silver Coin Parties are the perfect solution for charities who need money but don’t have the time to plan an elaborate fundraising event.

Simply choose a time and location and invite members of the charity to the event. Our professional Gold Party planners will give you a highly enjoyable, fun, and completely satisfactory experience, and at the end of the day we will give your charity or the host a check for 5% of everything purchased!  We Guarantee the highest payout to your guests at an amazing 80% of current spot price.

Some Legal disclaimers:

Requirements To Sell Jewelry: You must be twenty-one (21) years or older in order to sell jewelry to IHaveCoins.  In addition, you must be the legal owner of any jewelry you sell or attempt to sell. We will not purchase or make an offer to purchase if we feel the property may be stolen or illegally obtained.  A drivers license may be requested as documentation of proof of age and ownership of jewelry. By selling or attempting to sell jewelry to IHaveCoins you are representing that you are twenty-one (21) years or older and are the legal owner of and have the authority to sell said jewelry. Once you sell your jewelry it will be sold on the international market as raw material and it cannot be retrieved.